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    Align with natural rhythms
  • expressed in your heartbeat,
  • empowering and enlightening
  • your creative expression!

What people are saying...

I'm digging it! I love your method. It's freed me up to hit the right notes and not worry about those sour notes.

- Michael Kohnle

Fascinating, just fascinating. And yet really so simple. How did you think of this?  It’s opened up a "whole 'nother" world for me. It’s like my brain cells are saying, “hey cell mates, we just got the key to unlock the iron door, so let’s bust outta here and head for the 'fields.' Freedom!”

- Karen Gaughan

I am delighted at how easy your theory is - your basic tenets (...) are so amazingly easy. I came home and had it figured out in minutes.

 - John Woods

I feel like it's pretty effortless to make some really nice sounds with your system.

 - Vic Garlock